Nestlé Campus

2021 -
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the challenge

We were made for challenges and the renovation of the Nestlé Campus, with the aim of stimulating a sense of community and interaction with nature, is one of the greatest corporate challenges we have ever been faced with.
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the concept

Inspired by the history and passion for nutrition that Nestlé has been developing for over 150 years, the concept was born from a critical look inside the "Nest", and a detailed study of everything that lives there, redesigning its habitat to promote freedom of movement, collaboration and well-being.

Food and Nature

The new Nestlé Campus is a place inspired by the origins of food and nature. A social nest with nature infused, natural materials and natural light, in an environment where harmonious tones prevail to radiate comfort and positively influence the team's well-being and collaborative spirit.
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Flexible and collaborative working

The new Campus reflects Nestlé's vision and approach to flexible and collaborative working, where the workplace is no longer just an "office" but a space that is used on a daily basis according to the needs of each employee.
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The design of new spaces

In the design outlined for the new space, three distinct core areas stand out: the Landing Zones, the Social and the Workplace. The landing zone is in the distribution core for the various levels and the two wings of the campus, and is an extension of the exterior, bringing nature inside and offering a unique atmosphere and experience.

Anchoring Points

The building has no offices, and the business units are organized in 18 anchoring points, with the design of the new spaces considering the increase of the useful area through the optimization of the existing building, guaranteeing a greater range of collaborative and circulation spaces and a greater distance between workstations.
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The outdoors

Within the almost 22.000 sqm campus, the design team embraced the challenge of taking employees outdoors, resulting in a green area that houses running tracks, organic gardens and a "Garden Box" - a modular and versatile building with several areas of collaborative space, which extends to the garden and houses several seating areas to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
*This story was inspired by the article published in Nest magazine (N02), January 2021.
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