Kronos Parque das Nações Competition

Project type



EUROPE, Lisbon, PT




Kronos Homes





The project

Competition proposal for Kronos in Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

The development comprises a common foundation with 4 volumes, stores, access, parking and a large public and private plaza, the latter with a pool area. The 4 volumes consist of a housing building and 3 buildings aimed at tourism - a hotel, a Short Stay building and a Long Stay building.

The concept

The construction reflects a cosmopolitan character, in which 3 volumes reveal sober and elegant lines that are directly related to the surrounding sobriety, and another - the Hotel - in itself more disruptive, thus breaking the “silent geometry”.

The permeability of the complex has its maximum expression in the structural break that gives access to the plaza, with a clear opening towards the most urban street in the entire perimeter, providing the street with a wider space.

The commercial area consists of a set of shops with differing areas, in a total of approximately 2400 sq m, inserted in an elevation altitude that varies between 0 and 12 meters, in view of the level of adjacent sidewalks.